The eco friendly water softener

Enjoy the benefits of soft water, save money and the environment. All in one. Optimise your thermal efficiency without wastewater and added salt or chemicals. For every problem there’s a tailored solution available.

The Soft Shield Elite uses the most innovative hard water treatment technology to protect your entire home . Its unique crystallization technique prevents hard water scale built up, reduces metals and removes chlorine.


*pricing including 21% VAT

Using the same unique crystallization technique as the Soft Shield Compact, this system has a steady efficiency of 99.8% during it’s three year maintenance cycle. It has a production rate of 60 liters a minute.


*pricing including 21% VAT

Designed on the same belief as the whole house water de-scalers, the Soft Shield Mini has a flow rate of 4l/m. The Mini is often used as a pre filter to ensure no hard water will harm the RO membrane in the purifier.


*pricing including 21% VAT

Soft water

Enjoy the benefits of soft water; less soap and detergents required, softener skin and hair, easier cleaning and so much more ...

Eco friendly

Zero wastewater, salt and electricity used

All in one

Prevents hard water scale build up, reduces metals and removes chlorine

Minerals retained

Crystallization technique neutralizes minerals rather than removing them completely