The eco friendly water softener

Enjoy the benefits of soft water, save money and the environment. All in one. Optimise your thermal efficiency without wastewater and added salt or chemicals. For every problem there’s a tailored solution available.

The Soft Shield Elite uses the most innovative hard water treatment technology to protect your entire home . Its unique crystallization technique prevents hard water scale built up, reduces metals and removes chlorine.


*pricing including 21% VAT

Using the same unique crystallization technique as the Soft Shield Compact, this system has a steady efficiency of 99.8% during it’s three year maintenance cycle. It has a production rate of 60 liters a minute.


*pricing including 21% VAT

Designed on the same belief as the whole house water de-scalers, the Soft Shield Mini has a flow rate of 4l/m. The Mini is often used as a pre filter to ensure no hard water will harm the RO membrane in the purifier.


*pricing including 21% VAT

Soft water

Enjoy the benefits of soft water; less soap and detergents required, softener skin and hair, easier cleaning and so much more ...

Eco friendly

Zero wastewater, salt and electricity used

All in one

Prevents hard water scale build up, reduces metals and removes chlorine

Minerals retained

Crystallization technique neutralizes minerals rather than removing them completely

Why a water softener?

Hard water, meaning water high in calcium and magnesium, can cause problems in many ways. Hard water negatively affects the lifespan of household appliances, tastes less good than soft water, irritates your skin, and results in higher costs. And of course, it causes limescale deposits everywhere: the white or sometimes even yellowish limescale stains on your bathroom essentials and taps are unsightly and look unhygienic. These stains are often difficult to remove. In short, hard water has many disadvantages and actually no advantages.   For this reason, we highly recommend using a professional water softener (also known as a water descaler) to soften your water. The device prevents that calcium and magnesium can build up. And that has many advantages.  

The domestic advantages of softening your water

A water softener eliminates limescale build-up. These unpleasant and persistent limescale deposits form in specific locations, such as around your taps, showerhead, drains, kitchen sink and other plumbing fixtures. Limescale also builds up in your household appliances, such as in your kettle, coffee-maker, washing machine, dishwasher and boiler. This is often difficult to clean and affects the proper functioning of the appliance.   With a water softener, all that limescale will be a thing of the past. You no longer have to scrub and clean endlessly to remove limescale from your bathroom fixtures. Your household appliances stay clean, work better and have a longer life: the harmful effects of limescale are prevented. A longer lifespan and less cleaning: a water softener provides you with double the benefits.   Also, when you have soft water, you need less soap for the same result. This not only applies to cleaning products such as all-purpose cleaners, but also to hand soap, dishwashing liquid, shampoo and laundry detergent (both liquid and powder). As such, a water softener is good for your wallet and good for the environment.  

Enjoy soft water with a good water softener

Softened water has even more advantages. Hard water tastes less good than soft water and irritates the skin. If you install a water softener, you will soon notice that that glass of tap water tastes more refreshing. You will also find that your coffee and tea will taste better.   In addition, soft water hardly irritates your skin. As a result, skin problems will diminish and your skin will be softer and more radiant. You will notice that after a shower, your skin is less irritated and dry, which makes it much more pleasant to take a shower. Your hair will also be softer and shinier.   You can see the same effect in your textiles. Washing with hard water makes your clothes, bed linen and towels rougher and wears them out faster. Washing with softened, or soft water, has the opposite effect: your textiles stay more beautiful and feel softer. Treat yourself to the luxurious feeling of hotel towels and bed linen: no fabric softener can compete with that!  

Save on your energy bill with a water softener

Limescale doesn’t just form in places where you can see it, such as around your taps and drains. Limescale also builds up on the inside of your water pipes, where it stays hidden from view. Slowly but surely your water and heating pipes become clogged with limescale. This will reduce the efficiency of your heating system. Thus, more energy is needed to heat your home if there is limescale build-up on the inside of your pipes. And that costs money: the longer you don't do anything about the negative effects of hard water, the higher your energy bill will be.   This is another reason why a water softener is a smart investment. Our water softeners are so powerful that existing scale deposits dissolve and disappear within a short period. This means you also benefit from installing a water softener with retroactive effect.  

How does a water softener or water descaler work?

First of all: is there a difference between a water softener and a water descaler? No: they are two words for the same system. Not all water softeners work the same way. Some water softeners remove all minerals from the water, depriving your body of the positive health effects of these minerals.   Aquablu’s water softeners work with a unique crystallization technique that requires no electricity. Salt and waste water are also not part of our innovative solution for hard water. Our water softeners are therefore very environmentally friendly.   The crystallization technique of the water softener ensures that the minerals are neutralized rather than removed from the water. The healthy minerals are still present in the tap water, but are prevented from precipitating and sticking to surfaces; this means that limescale can no longer build up. This technique is so powerful that it even removes limescale that has already formed in the pipes. With a water softener you can efficiently eliminate the negative effects of hard water, without having to miss out on the healthy natural minerals found in tap water. Soft water with the health benefits of mineral water flows from your tap: now a glass of tap water really tastes good.   Do you want even cleaner drinking water from your own tap? Install one of our innovative home water purifiers.