Time for a (virtual) party

Despite this unusual time, for water-entrepreneurs Marnix Stokvis (Aquablu, Marc van Zuylen (Aquablu) & Michel Menzing (Waterluxe) it is time for a little party. Well, a virtual party to be specific. Because that’s one of the conditions of doing business in quarantine. Waterluxe announces a partnership with Aquablu, starting from the first of April. Together they make clean drinking water available for everyone, in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The collaboration between Aquablu & Waterluxe shows that a crisis can result in innovation and creativity. They have worked a 100% digitally, to make the deal for the very first time; starting with Zoom meetings and closing off with an online signature. 

Marnix: “Aquablu stands for smart technology. In a period where physical contact is minimized, our technology offers the ability to provide online services to systems in the field. Technology connects, improves and clarifies; especially in times like this”. 

About the collaboration

Waterluxe has been the number 1 Dutch specialist in water softening for years. By collaborating with the young start-up, Waterluxe hopes to tap into a new market: purified drinking water. “We are seeing more and more developments in the Dutch drinking water. Not a week goes by without mentioning pollution such as bacteria, lead or hormones in our tap water. Where it used to be obvious to drink from the tap, this will decrease in the near future” according to Michel. Although the quality of drinking water can vary per household, more and more people are choosing for certainty. A certainty that the purification systems of Aquablu can offer, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence control. “If the water is not 100% safe to drink, then nothing comes out of the tap” - as stated by Marc.

Liselotte van der Lugt