It's a first: drinking water from the Amsterdam canals.

Aquablu launched a limited edition Amsterdam Canal water. Crisp drinking water, from the canals. 

Aquablu is on a mission to provide safe and clean drinking water for everyone - without using PET bottles. The company built a smart purification system for the consumer market, which is able to guarantee the quality of the drinking water. 

On a yearly base over 60.000 kg plastics, 700 dead animals and 12.000 bikes are fished from the water. Although the quality of the canal water continues to improve - especially during the lockdown - it has never been drinkable before. 

Aquablu jumped on a dinghy to drew water from the Keizersgracht, Herengracht & Prinsengracht. For the occasion, the purification system was installed in a portable case. The water was pumped out of the canal and purified, miniralized and bottled on the spot. Just 50 bottles - did we mention it was a limited edition yet? - were distributed to Amsterdammers. Their reactions? “Quite nice, you can’t tell it is canal water’. Fortunately, because with the dead animals in our minds, we can only imagine how that should taste without purification...

Aquablu was highlighted in national newspapers, radio and inspiring entrepreneurial platforms. Our team is pleased to drain so much attention for our mission: making local drinking water available, for everyone. Everywhere. 

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Liselotte van der Lugt