For optimal on board experience

Whether you are an adventurer who sails the world, or the local king of the lake, clean drinking water is a true necessity on board. Although not able to purify Sea Water, our purifiers are able to transform the water onboard your yacht into drinking water of the utmost quality. All Aquablu purifiers are equipped with a range of probes and sensors, allowing a full control of both the system and the quality of the water. Information readout via NFC allows for remote monitoring and enables your crew members to provide maintenance once required, even when there is no internet connection available! Our Marine solution consists of:

  • A sustainable alternative to bottled water
  • Customizable for every water quantity demand
  • Compact design for efficient use of space
  • Extended lifespan of water-intensive products

The Luxury line

Experience our luxury line by adding sparkling and chilled options to your onboard purifier. Select your desired add-on and allow our us to provide you with water of unmatched quality. Too cold or too fizzy? Simply change the cooling and carbonating options to your desired level!