Aquablu Custom

When size matters

For larger volume installations in apartment buildings, hotels or light industry, the Aquablu Custom system is available. This is a high volume multi-unit filtration system that, in combination with storage- and pumping systems, can satisfy even the most demanding requirements. As with the Aquablu Pro, The Aquablu Custom system has a built-in monitoring device that checks the water quality, pressure and connected equipment such as filters or storage tanks. The systems will give an alert when corrective action is necessary and will de-activate the system if no action is taken.

Our standard Aquablu Custom models have a flow rate of 1500 litres/h which can be upscaled to meet higher water demands.

Technical details

The solution for larger homes, hotels or apartment buildings

  1. The raw water is collected in the feed water tank. This water can originate from rainwater harvesting, a borehole, the mains water supply or a combination of one of these sources.
  2. The contaminated water flows through the prefiltration kit in order to remove large contaminants
  3. The water enters the purifier and is pressurized over our unique spiral wound membrane. Customisable to every raw water quality, our membranes remove contaminants up to 0.0001 microns in size.
  4. The purified water is stored in the drinking water tank. Before the water is dispensed to the outlets, a UV light filters the water to prevent any form of bacteria growth
  5. The reject water is collected in the waste water tank. This water can be used to flush your toilet or wash your car