Soft Shield Mini

Article code AB1105002
The Soft Shield Mini is the most compact de-scaling solution on the market. No salt, no electricity and no wastewater. Protect your water-intensive products with a flow rate of 4 l/m.
Eco friendly

Zero wastewater, salt and electricity used

All in one

Prevents hard water scale build up, reduces metals and removes chlorine

Minerals retained

Crystallization technique neutralizes minerals rather than removing them completely



The most eco-friendly & powerful technique to prevent your home from limescale.


Super Powers that hide inside

The Soft Shield line uses a unique crystallization technique that neutralises the calcium and magnesium minerals, rather than removing them completely from the water. Although healthy minerals are still present, they don’t stick to the surface anymore. Our crystallization technology is so powerful that it even removes the scale already present in your pipes.

What is limescale?

Lime scale occurs when “hard” water evaporates. In many places around the world water is “hard” and consists of high levels of minerals, causing negative effects and reducing lifetime of your household appliances using water. Among many appliances some heavily affected are boilers, coffee machines and dishwashers. Additionally, limes scale causes your pipes and heating elements to clog thereby reducing thermal efficiency causing higher energy bills. Last but not least, hard water quickly causes visible scale in bathrooms and water taps requiring a lot of cleaning and maintenance.