Soft Shield Mini

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The Soft Shield Mini is the most compact de-scaling solution on the market. No salt, no electricity and no wastewater. Protect your water-intensive products with a flow rate of 4 l/m.
Electricity No
Flow rate 240 l/h
Efficiency 99.9%
Dimensions 12 cm x 12 cm x 35 cm
Waste water 0%

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Electricity No
Flow rate 240 l/h
Efficiency 99.9%
Dimensions 12 cm x 12 cm x 35 cm
Waste water 0%

The Soft Shield Mini is able to produce water up to 240 liters/hour. Requiring maintenance only once every two years, it is the perfect scale protector for your water purfier, dishwasher or coffee machine. The Soft Shield Mini extends the life time of water-intensive products, without the need for electricity or waste water outlets. Using its unique crystallization technique, the Soft Shield Mini does not require any salts and ensures a 99.9% efficiency during the two year lifetime of the cartridge. 

Type  Maintenance
Crystal Cartridge 2 years


What is limescale?

Lime scale occurs when “hard” water evaporates. In many places around the world water is “hard” and consists of high levels of minerals, causing negative effects and reducing lifetime of your household appliances using water. Among many appliances some heavily affected are boilers, coffee machines and dishwashers. Additionally, limes scale causes your pipes and heating elements to clog thereby reducing thermal efficiency causing higher energy bills. Last but not least, hard water quickly causes visible scale in bathrooms and water taps requiring a lot of cleaning and maintenance.

Soft Shield Mini

The Soft Shield Mini is the most cost-effective and sustainable solution to lime scale. Being the real alternative to ion exchange traditional and phosphate cartridge system. Some example of applications is hot & cold-water drinking machines, boiling taps, purifiers and coffee machines.

Crystallization technology

The Soft Shield uses best of both worlds as it prevents lime scale while retaining the minerals beneficial for your health. The Soft Shield uses a patented crystallization technique to neutralize the calcium and magnesium minerals without removing them from the water.


•    Prevents limescale
•    High flow (240 liters/hour)
•    Little maintenance
•    Retains beneficial minerals
•    Plug and play
•    Compact and efficient



The Soft Shield is the most sustainable descaling solution available on the market. The is due to the fact that: 


✔ Zero salts required

Zero waste water

No electricity

No chemicals used

Improved thermal efficiency 


Good for the planet. Good for the wallet.