Detox your drinking water

Outsmart contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and microplastics with intelligent water purification. Our membrane filter offers a tailored solution for all levels of water pollution.


Aquablu One

The Aquablu One is highly effective, yet very compact. With a flowrate of 100 liters per hour, a high flow of pure water comes directly from your tap; purification on demand. There’s no need for a storage tank and it easily fits under every kitchen sink.


*pricing including 21% VAT


Aquablu Pro S

The Aquablu Pro is our most powerful water purifier. The Supreme Osmosis technology purifies over 250 liters of healthy and pure water per hour. The Pro provides all the water that is needed for daily requirements including laundry and dishwashing.


*pricing including 21% VAT


Supreme Osmosis™

High tech membrane that is finely tuned to the unique composition of your water.

Self cleaning

The intelligent system recoginizes when its time to take care of itself

Supreme Osmosis ™

High tech membrane filter adjusted to the specific needs of your water

Smart controlled

Eradicates harmful contaminants controlled by smart parameters connected to your app.