Aquablu Pro S

Article code AB1003008

The revolutionary Aquablu Pro S is designed as a high volume water purifier, ideal for professional use. Equipped with our high performance membrane, this purifier can filter over 5000 litres of purified and mineralized water a day. The intelligent Supreme Osmosis™ technology controls and removes all contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, micro-plastics and lead. Not safe to drink? Then no water is dispensed. Thanks to this unique purification method, the Aquablu Pro S provides a worry-free drinking water experience. 

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Delivery time: 2-5 days
Self cleaning

The intelligent system recoginizes when its time to take care of itself

Supreme Osmosis ™

High tech membrane filter adjusted to the specific needs of your water

Smart controlled

Erradicates harmful contaminants by smart controlled parameters connected to your app

Super Powers
that hide inside

With smart technology, an automatich backflush and build in Supreme Osmosis technology the Aquablu One is designed for the ultimate drinking water experience in your own kitchen.

Quality Guard

Not safe to drink? Then no water is dispensed.
Red means no - blue means go.

Plug & play design

Get your system up and running within a few minutes because the purifiers are quick and easy to install.

Worry free drinking water

Being the world’s first water purifier that functions on artificial intelligence, we ensure you’re never without a filter. With 96 connected parameters, the app allows you to always monitor the current quality of your water. There’s no need for thick manuals or unnecessary maintenance visits. The answer is right in your hand.

Self cleaning

If water stands still in the membrane, even in purified water contaminants can develop. Therefore, our intelligent technology automatically flushes and cleans itself every 12 hours. Bacteria stand no chance: you can leave your home without looking after the system. Fresh filtered water comes directly from your purifier when you return.

Supreme Osmosis Technology

All water is different. With our Supreme Osmosis technology, there’s no need for different membranes anymore. To optimize the filtration process, the intelligent membrane can be adjusted to the unique composition of your water. It puts all power on the specific pollution of your water, while leaving everything else alone.

Same power,
Different capacity.

250 l/h

Designed as high volume water purifier for professional use. With the high performance pump, the Aquablu Pro can easily provide over 5000 litres of water a day.

Filter size
0.0001 micron

20 kg

Direct flow
For offices, homes, hotels & yachts

100 l/h

Designed for your daily use. It effortless fits in any kitchen cabinet and can is easy to install because of it’s plug & play design.

Filter size
0.0001 micron

13.2 kg

Plug & Play
Easy to install in every kitchen