The start of our journey

The company started with the goal to provide clean drinking water for everyone, everywhere! In collaboration with the Dutch Wageningen University, the first systems were designed and tested.


First pilot projects

Our first systems were implemented at schools, hospitals and farms to provide those in need with clean drinking water. During our first projects, the lack of safe drinking water solutions became obvious at first hand.

The integration of NFC

In order to get insight into the magic behind the system, the first NFC enabled purifiers were released. With the launch of the NFC, users got insight into the conductivity, temperature, pressure and flow of their system. This was the start of the quality control technology that still guards the quality of every Aquablu purifier.


Aquablu was founded

Due to the lack of transparency in the water purification market, we decided to fit our systems with artificial intelligence (AI). This resulted in the launch of our “smart line”. With the launch of our smart line, the company under the new name Aquablu was founded. The smart line internal computer reads out and analyses 96 variables, ensuring the consumer that he or she only gets the best quality water. These parameters are recognized by the system itself, meaning that no water is dispensed if the quality cannot be guaranteed. This allows both the Aquablu users and dealers insight into every technical aspect featured in the system. From this day on, Aquablu dealers did not have to leave their desk in times when their customers were in trouble. A simple scan would do the trick.

Expansion into Europe!

While decentralized purification systems are a base necessity in developing countries, water quality reports in the western world raised many eyebrows. General understanding about the misconception that bottled water is a safe source for drinking water started a movement to embrace sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly alternatives. Our activity in Africa expanded to Europe quickly.

Increasing ease of installation

In order to create a truly “plug & play” purifier, the Aquablu One and Pro were redesigned. The new “simple” design lives by the philosophy that everyone with basic plumbing knowledge should be able to install an Aquablu purifier!

Our ban the bottle campaign

Together with Erasmus University (Netherlands), Aquablu started the battle against single-use plastics. Aquablu became a partner at the Erasmus sustainability days, empowering students to think about sustainable innovations. By collaborating with other speakers, such as the former Dutch President Jan Peter Balkenende, an important step was made in order to tackle the Dutch plastic consumption.

Smart home interface

In 2018, we launched our first smart interface, enabling our systems to be connected to smart home displays. This innovation was especially designed to fulfil demands from both the Home and Expedition market. In both markets, this innovation proofed to be very useful.

Launching the Aquablu app and Dealer portal

Our latest development allows consumers to easily check both the drinking water quality and technical status of their system, using the Aquablu App. The dealer portal allows our dealers to check the status of all their systems online, allowing them to automate their after-market service.

Partnering with Yes!Delft (the Netherlands)

After an extensive selection, we were chosen to be part of the famous YES!Delft community. This program is subsidised by EFRO, municipality of Delft and the province of South-Holland and help already successful start-ups to become true market leaders.

Introducing our new water station

After our first introduction of our first water station in 2016 we kept innovating to make the water station one solution that can be easily placed everywhere. After changing the design and incorporating our latest developments our station is able to function on pipes, rain and ground-water using solar energy, our station can be placed on even the most remote areas.